Hovensa Marine Agency is closing effective 03-31-12; see attached closing statement in the Download section.

HOVENSA Marine Agency is a full-service ship agency located at Limetree Bay on St. Croix. Our office is conveniently located inside the load port, just minutes away from the loading piers. For over thirty years we have provided a professional ship service to vessels visiting the Hovensa refinery. We have extensive worldwide connections and we will handle your vessel in a courteous, timely and cost-efficient manner.

All Vessels visiting the Hovensa refinery are required to fill out the following forms: Terminal Pre-Docking Checklist, Marine Agency Checklist, and Vessel Information Checklist. Please make sure these forms are completed and faxed or emailed to our office before arrival to avoid any berthing delays. All Vessels must also submit an Electronic Notice of Arrival (eNOA) prior to arrival. Visit our download section for checklists, instructions, and more information.

Upon arriving at Hovensa the vessel must have the following forms prepared: four U.S. Immigration crewlists (I-418), two U.S. Ship Stores, one U.S. Crews effects and the clearance from the last port.

Vessels arriving from non U.S. ports will have officials boarding on arrival. This team of officials will consist of Immigration, Customs, and Agriculture. All crewmembers are required to have a shore pass prepared and ready to present to Immigration.

For more information contact us at: hovensamarineagency@hovensa.com